Kettlebell exercises to tone up fast and burn those calories.

blog kettlebells Aug 11, 2021

There are many different ways we can work our bodies. I am not one for the idea that in order to burn fat you must do low intensity exercise for a long duration at the fat burning zone. That’s old school and it’s also looking at things from a very limited scope.

Increase the intensity and burn way more calories overall.

The way to go is to keep changing things up. Keep you body guessing so that it has to work on multiple different energy systems, not just the fat burning zone where it’s comfortable and efficient. Yes, the fat burning zone is comfortable and efficient. And we don’t want that. For us busy ladies we most likely don't have time to go for lengthy hour long jogs anyway.  So how about a 30 minute workout at a higher intensity which results in many more calories being burned? Remember working at higher intensities regardless if you are using fat or carbs to fuel your body for the workout will always require more fuel which will result in more calories being burned in the timeframe that you are working out. This in the bigger picture means that you will be leaner with less body fat. 

Kettlebell Swings.

Look no further than Kettlebell swings. Kettlebell swings are a great high intensity exercise that burn so many calories with the huge bonus of avoiding the jarring of knee joints unlike running. Additionally Kettlebell swings engage your core and glutes and build a killer booty and legs so you'll look fab in your tightest jeans!  

The great thing about Kettlebell swings also is that you can do them with Dumbbells and reap the same rewards if you don’t have any kettlebells handy. 

The Anti-ager.

Did you know that Kettlebells swings allow you to work at an intensity that sends chemicals throughout the body that keep you youthful? Human Growth Hormone is released during resistance exercise and more intense exercise and it  is THE youth elixir!!! As we age our body produces less and less which is one reason why we take longer to recover from hard workouts. HGH It is responsible for growth and repair and cell regeneration. It also is very powerful at using fatty acids for energy long after the workout is done so it is a powerful fat burner as well. 

So do your swings and stay young, fit and lean. Additionally, training this way will keep your body burning those calories long after you finish your workout. 

How to do Kettlebell swings.

Keep your ankles, knees and hips in alignment with a little wider than shoulder width stance. Keep your tummy muscles contacted. 

Bend at the hips with weight through your heels and let the Kettlebell swing down in between your legs. This is where it’s important to keep your tummy muscles contracted. If they are not engaged your upper body will just flop. 

To bring the Kettlebell back up, squeeze your hips and contract your glutes. The power comes from your hips. All of it. Keep your arms glued to your sides instead of trying to lift the Kettlebell up with your arms.  (insert photo KB swing up end, Photo4)

Once you get into a rhythm, Try 50 swings and do these 3 times through.

Keep your joints happy and avoid the impact. Enjoy the smoothness of Kettlebell swings all the while toning the core, glutes and legs and reaping the benefits of burning all those calories with this awesome high intensity workout.  And remember if you don't have a Kettlebell you can do the swings with a Dumbbell instead.