World Champion, Lifestyle Coach, Fitness Expert & Trainer, Nutritionist & Entrepreneur.

Determination & A Winning Mindset

I’ve alway had single minded determination. Once I reclaimed my health as a child and began my athletic career it was full steam ahead and onto becoming a multiple time World Champion and Australia's 1st female black belt in the martial arts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I am excited to be sharing with you my mindset and empowerment tools that can help you reach your goals too.



That we are all capable of achieving our dreams. All we need is self belief, determination and an action plan.


Mediocrity and the willingness to settle for less.

Negative Nancys.


Teaching on set, writing, presenting, walking in nature cooking and creating with my gorgeous girls.


Walks in nature, working out, meditations, love baths, kuddles with my girls and goal setting.

"I believe that we are the creators of  our own realities and can achieve anything that we put our minds to. The world is full of endless possibilities so let’s set the bar high and dream big!"

Creating balance in my life, body, mind & soul.

For well over a decade I have been focused on creating balance in my life, body, mind and soul. The most important part is being willing to tune in and listen to what my body needs. Understanding the difference between needing to rest and laziness was fundamental for me. But also from a mental/spiritual aspect being about to let go and not try to control outcomes has been a big journey for me too.

So often we can get in our own ways. We need to step back and trust and just let the Universe do its work.

I started with healthful daily practices and rituals of self love. I made a note to tune in and listen to my body because I knew that these were the keys to an overall balanced healthy lifestyle. For truly optimal health it’s a combination of so many different factors including, mindset, nutrition, movement.

“These days I am a FIT. EMPOWERED. WOMAN. I unapologetically own it, basically. I love myself, the way I feel and look and everything I do is with conviction because I KNOW what I want and no one else is living my life but me.  My happiness is the most important thing and feeling amazing in my own skin is paramount. “

My intention is to share this all with you - my with you my years of wisdom and experience in all facets of health to create a truly balanced healthy lifestyle so that you too can look, feel and be the best that you can be. Paired with that winning mindset, self belief and determination my tools and programs will help you to become unstoppable.

Love Sophia - Women's Lifestyle Coach and Fitness Expert

"I believe that we create our own reality moment to moment."

Born in Australia, and now living in the United States as an athlete, trainer, nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach, I wasn't an athlete all my life.

My childhood was spent in Dr’s offices and hospital beds with chronic asthma. I could not go out and play with the other kids at school because I had to stay inside and have the ‘good machine’ (the ventilator) every morning, noon and night.

My childhood was different, to say the least. I started noticing a direct correlation between the food I ate and my asthma as a small child and remember requesting the nurses to not bring me cheese cake and coco pops, but instead I asked for broccoli. I still remember the look on the nurse’ faces at my seemingly odd requests.

What 6 year old child asks for broccoli?

At 11 I defined my pediatrician who was going to put me on more drugs and went to a naturopath. This naturopath changed my life. My asthma almost completely disappeared in as little as 3 weeks through a very specialised diet. This was the start of my journey as an athlete and with nutrition.

Through my sport I became one of the only women in my field to build a career as a head professor in this very male dominated sport by teaching seminars, running camps and events world-wide and teaching at the UFC. I dealt with a lot of setbacks and hardships such as stereotyping and I broke a lot of barriers (here’s to stereotyping what women should or shouldn’t do) to become the 1st black belt, a world champion and a business woman of my kind.

Through determination, grit, confidence and a belief in myself I transformed from being a sick child with chronic asthma to a world class athlete, a coach and fitness nutritionist, a business woman and I am also a mother of two girls.

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