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Sophia McDermott

World Champion, Lifestyle Coach, Trainer, Nutritionist, Entrepreneur and Mother. I am dedicated to helping you be the best version of yourself through health, fitness and empowerment. And I am excited to be sharing my Fitness, Health & Lifestyle Programs for women around the world.

Sophia McDermott is a World Champion, Lifestyle Coach, Fitness Expert, Nutritionist, Entrepreneur and Mother. She helps people from all around the world with their health and fitness. Empowering men and women through her training methods, eBooks, magazine articles and seminars.

Sophia McDermott
"For over a decade I have been focused on creating balance in my life, body, mind and soul. The most important part is being willing to tune in and listen to what my body and mind needs. Making decisions that empower me have been fundamental. Learning to let go and trust has been a big part of my journey also. "
Sophia McDermott

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Sophia McDermott has been featured in over 50 magazines. She was the first Australian woman to have ever receive a Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu.

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