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Sophia's Nutrition Guide eBook

Get your Ultimate Guide to nutrition essentials with practical and informative guidance on eating for weight loss and optimal health.

Why you need this Nutrition Guide eBook

After spending childhood unwell with chronic asthma, I discovered that food has the power to heal after visiting a naturopath who changed my life. I rose up to become a successful athlete, initially a gymnast and then onto becoming Australia’s first female Black Belt in BJJ, a multiple time World Champion and a Figure Champion. I have gained extensive knowledge throughout my sporting career as well as being a lifestyle coach, certified trainer and fitness nutritionist, —and I am here to share it with you. If you want to feel healthy and look fabulous and learn all you need to know to stay that way, then this book is just what you need.

This Ultimate Nutrition Guide Ebook covers the 4 aspects - the HOW, WHAT, WHEN and WHY'S to eat for weight loss and optimal health so you will never need to go on another extreme ‘diet, cleanse or detox again.
You will also learn about:

  • The basics of nutrition. What to avoid and what to embrace, including foods we think are healthy but they aren’t.
  • Food choices, serving sizes and the timing of your meals for weight loss and vibrant energy.
  • How the body works, the dangers of fad diets and extreme dieting.
  • Interpreting food labels and knowing exactly what’s in the food we eat to make educated choices

There are over 35 delicious recipes that are simple to make and a meal plan that is so easy and straightforward, you can't go wrong! Once You know the basics and can make informed food choices, You’ll never look back.

“My intention is to share with you my journey with nutrition to empower you with knowledge about food and health so that you can make informed lifelong choices to be in the best shape of your life.”

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To sum it up, Sophia is a total badass and a living legend who continues to inspire countless women to follow their dreams. Sophia has inspired me, and I am really excited about her new nutrition e-book - it has only just been launched this month and I already have a copy. I can't recommend it enough.
Hope Douglas, BJJ brown belt.

You should be super proud of your ebook. It is great. I have been in a bit of a run and I lose my motivation to cook and the kitchen becomes super overwhelming. You have inspired me again, especially with the super tasty, easy to prepare, healthy meal plans. Thank you for making this book and sharing your recipes and knowledge.
Monique Henry

I just finished your e book, it's awesome!! I has helped me get back on track. I used to be 100% dedicated to healthy eating but lost my way last year. I am woking on drinking more water and getting rid of processed foods - hoping to lose some belly fat. I love the recipes and I look forward to trying the recipes. I have swapped from cooking in olive oil to coconut oil. Thank you so much.
Alyson Gatt