The importance of working out as we age.

exercises fitness health and fitness lifestyle Mar 02, 2023

By Sophia McDermott, Lifestyle Coach & Fitness Expert. 

It is common knowledge that an active lifestyle is essential for aging with a good quality of life. Physical activity plays an important role in your health and wellbeing as a whole but particularly in muscle strength and mobility, maintenance of bone density the prevention and reduction of cardiovascular and pulmonary problems. It helps in the control of diabetes, arthritis, and helps to maintain a healthy weight. 

Despite all the advantages of exercising, many elderly people don’t exercise or are removed from exercising and leading an active lifestyle due to the stigma that they old, and that’s not what old people do. The problem is that with this mindset it further propagates all the symptoms of aging. If we all were consistent in exercising, overall the issues associated with aging would be greatly reduced. 

So let’s defy that stigma and look at all the benefits that exercising has as we age:

  • Self esteem;
  • Control or decrease of body fat;
  • Muscle strength and bone density;

-Increased mobility

  • Improved flexibility;
  • Increased circulating blood volume;
  • Increased lung ventilation;
  • Improved mood.
  • Increased balance 
  • increased agility 


It is important that as we age we choose physical activity options that are motivating and social. No one is going to stick to an exercise routine year in, year out if it's boring. But the social factor is very important. The elderly are often isolated or left alone and I think this leads to depression and overall degeneration. Finding a friend or a group to workout with is the best option. A walking group, swimming group or a tai chi class could be a great way to gently move the body and to connect with friends. Happy and healthy both at once!


So if you are skipping out on exercise now, think forward and ask yourself how you think you’ll be in 20 - 30 years time? Find something you love that motivates you, join a group and stay healthy, fit and mobile for longer!