Overdid it on the weekend? Five Top Tips to Start Over!

fitness goals health and fitness tips Apr 01, 2023

By Sophia McDermott, Lifestyle Coach & Fitness Expert. 


It's super normal to have a "getaway" or another on the weekend, right?! By the way, it is the moment where you have the opportunity to have moments outside the routine of the week, watch a movie and in times of staying at home, normally, as the popular saying goes: it all ends up in pizza (or any other food that was not part of your weekday diet). But what up, how to proceed when that happens? We've put together some tips to help you:

First of all: clear conscience

You need to find a balance for your mind and body, your charge should only go as far as it is essential for your physical health, without disturbing your mental health. So, before anything else, be understanding with yourself, see how good the weekend was and how you didn't commit any sin by going off your diet a lit

continue where you left off

A lot of people end up thinking that, because they left the diet for a day or two, all the results were lost, but no! The effort of several days, or even months, does not go to waste just like that. So it's important that when Monday knocks on your door, you just go back to the food routine you were having before the weekend. No giving up because you “failed” one day. 

Just because you might have had a splurge on the weekend, it doesn’t mean that all is lost, so don't undo all your hard work by eating crap when the new week starts. Each new meal is an opportunity to get back on your healthy eating plan. A splurge or a slip up doesn’t mean it’s all ruined forever.

If you want fresh start for your body, consider a detox

If you believe that just getting back to your normal routine will not be enough after an especially big splurge, do a detox on Monday. Focus on eating only greens, fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water. Avoid red meats and grains for the day. They can sit in your gut and contribute to that heavy feeling.  And last but not least: exercise! Throw yourself in the aerobics to start the week burning calories and also giving your energy a boost.


Drink loads of water.

After a weekend of rich foods or too much foods, make a concerted effort to drink as much water as you can for the next few days after. This will ensure that you are flushing out all the salt and sugars and toxins. If you don't drink a lot of water your body can hold onto it all and then you’ll end up bloated and puffy due to water retention. Aim for up to 4 liters a day for the next few days.


Get moving.

Fast pace walking is a great way to get everything flowing. The rhythmic pace actually helps with digestion. The exercise will help to elevate your metabolism and use up all thoes extra calories!

Remember that this is a journey and a lifestyle. We need balance, not total restriction. Enjoy some fancy dinners out on the weekend without punishing yourself. COme Monday morning, make sure you are back into your routine. It’s that simple.