4 Benefits of Peppermint Tea or Mint Tea to Combat Bloating!

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Eating Out.

There are a few things out of our usual routine that can really contribute to bloating and upset stomachs. Eating out can cause bloating and put on pounds because we tend to eat more than we would at home and we are also eating other foods we may not usually eat. Then there are the deserts which may be all too tempting.


Travelling is another factor that can contribute to water retention, dehydration, bloating and constipation. Most of the time we dont drink enough while on the road. Stopping every moment to pee can be difficult so we tend to drink less. Travelling especially on a plane with air conditioning is a huge factor in dehydration which can lead to bloating, water retention and some serious stomach upsets. Let’s not forget how this can all lead to dry weathered skin and the appearance of aging - but that’s for a whole other blog. 

As a way to combat upset stomachs, bloating and dehydration, dry flaky skin and a wash outlook, every time I travel and eat out I order a huge pot of mint or peppermint tea and I find that I don’t gain weight or get bloated. Provided I get enough sleep I find my skin stays hydrated and smooth also.  This simple health hack that I have adopted over the years has single-handedly helped with keeping my stomach flat, feeling good on the inside and having a smooth complexion.

 Benefits of Peppermint or Mint Tea.

The distinctive minty taste and smell and benefits come from its essential oils like limonene, menthol, and menthone. These give it its cool and refreshing qualities. peppermint’s anti-inflammatory effects and cooling effects actually have many benefits and can be helpful in a variety of ways. 

1. Assists in digestion and the gut

Peppermint or mint tea has been shown to have really beneficial effects on the stomach and digestion. Peppermint tea reduces bloating abdominal gasses, and nausea. Drinking lots of tea will increase your fluid intake which will also reduce the risk of constipation. 

2. Reduces pain

Due to its anti-inflammatory effects, Peppermint tea may also provide welcome relief for headaches, stomach cramping and menstrual cramping. More research is still needed but menthol has been shown to increase blood flow and create a soothing, cooling sensation to help mitigate pain.

3. Weight Loss

Peppermint tea may assist to decrease appetite. Try a cup to stave off any late-night cravings. If you fill yourself up on lots of tea, you’ll be inclined to eat less and keep the pounds off all the while staying hydrated.

4. Soothes the soul and calms the mind.

Taking the time to stop and have a cup of tea in this hectic day and age is a bit of a luxury. But slowing down and relaxing for a cuppa is just as soothing on your mind as it is on your body. Use this as a moment to breathe, relax, block out the incessant go-go-go of today’s lifestyle and clear your mind while you sip on some soothing and refreshing tea.

For the myriad of benefits of peppermint tea try to get into the habit of having a cup at night. If you are eating out and travelling then ordering a whole pot of tea will make a big difference as to how you look and feel. Remember, this simple health hack that I have adopted over the years has single-handedly helped with keeping my stomach flat, feeling good on the inside and having a smooth complexion and it can do the same for you too.