The importance of stretching

fitness healthy tips stretching Dec 04, 2022

By Sophia McDermott, Lifestyle Coach & Fitness Expert. 

Stretching is a specific physical exercise for muscle flexibility. This activity provides the stretching of muscle fibers and range of motion, improving joints and reducing pain.


Stretching is for the body, so to speak. For example, when we wake up, we feel the need to stretch, don't we? It is a natural reflex of the body, to stretch muscles that were at rest for hours.

The musculature can suffer a shortening when it spends long periods in static mode. In addition, stiffening of the muscles may occur after an activity that required wear and tear. Stretching is beneficial in both situations, as it promotes flexibility and muscle relaxation.


There are different types of stretching. The important thing is to obey the physical conditions of each person and, preferably, to have the prescription and/or follow-up of a physical education professional, physical therapist or orthopedist. Check out:


Static Stretching: This is the most common, consisting of stretching specific parts of the body for a few seconds. 30 to 60 seconds is recommended.


Dynamic Stretching: performed with moderate and rhythmic movement of different structures, working to loosen the muscles and distension. They are forward and backward movements of the legs in semiflexion or even some squats, for example.


Passive Stretching: this is a type that requires the help of another person or equipment to control the applied force, using balls, elastic bands or another person pressing the limb to be stretched.

Stretching can and should be performed by people of all age groups and physical conditioning. What should vary is the intensity and complexity of the exercises, according to the conditions of each person.


Check out some of the benefits that stretching can bring:


– Muscle relaxation and less tension;


– Flexibility and range of motion


– Reduced risk of muscle injuries;


– Prepares the muscles for exercises;


– Improves motor coordination;


– Improves blood circulation;


– Reduces joint pain;


– Reduces muscle shortening;


– Prevents or corrects postural problems;


– Helps with mental relaxation and stress reduction.


That's why it's so important to practice stretching, because your body gets better and with that, exercise improves too. Remember to stretch at the beginning and end of the physical activities you perform, for better results and to prevent pain. For more specific stretching, have the follow-up of a trained professional. Elongated body is health. Stretch