Differences between a ‘diet’ and eating for nutrition.

diet fitness food tips lifestyle nutrition Nov 20, 2022

By Sophia McDermott, Lifestyle Coach & Fitness Expert. 

We all want quick fixes and losing weight quickly is one of them… Unfortunately, weight loss needs to be done slowly for best results and to ensure that you are losing fat and not muscles and in a safe and healthy way that stays off. But for so many of us, we end up doing quick diets that leave us hungry, tired, and irritable. This starts the yo-yo effect whereby you end up gaining back everything you’ve quickly lost, and more. These crazy and baseless diets, which promise to shed countless pounds in a small amount of time are a complete waste if not dangerous. And they are really really aging. 

But there is a much more detrimental long-term effect of ‘dieting’ caused by drastically decreasing caloric intake. The body understands that the body is receiving a smaller amount of food and goes into emergency mode, which slows down metabolism and expends less energy. So in the long run your body becomes more efficient at storing fat and using your proteins (muscle) for energy which is why so many yo-yo dieters and people who are on endless fads are skinny fat. 

This is why ‘dieting’ has developed a bad rap. Nothing good comes from restrictive dieting. Therefore, it is important to change your thinking and focus on foods that are high in nutritional value. Ask yourself, how much nutritional value does this meal have? If it's a tiny piece of cake (tiny because you are trying to restrict yourself), obviously it has very little nutritional value. 

Conversely, ask yourself how much nutrition does a plate of mixed stir fry veggies and salmon contain? The answer to this is… lots. Lots of nutrients! And guess what? Which is going to fill you up more? The tiny piece of cake or the big plate of veggies and salmon?

With a change in mindset to eating only nutritiously dense food, weight loss will occur without sacrifices because you are filling yourself up with big healthy meals filled with fiber, good proteins, and macronutrients that by default are lower in calories than any type of fast food or processed foods anyhow. By filling yourself up on nutrient-rich foods you are less likely to snack on processed carbs and other high-calorie foods that don’t provide any nutritional value. 

Eating this way doesn’t feel like you are on a diet because it's not restrictive. You are simply choosing the most nutritious options. So really it's the best approach to losing weight and it is by far the healthiest option.

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