5 Top reasons to train your abs (No Matter Your Goal)

health and fitness healthy tips lifestyle Jan 12, 2023

 By Sophia McDermott, Lifestyle Coach & Fitness Expert. 

Are you the type to skip abs exercises at the end of your workout? Know that working your abs is an important part of your training, whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle. It baffles me why abs are thrown on at the end and done last when in fact working your core should be an integral part of your workout. Exercises should be performed throughout your workout. 

Let’s take a look at the importance and the benefits of working our core as well as the best abdominal exercises to perform in a practical and safe way.


The muscles of the abdominal region

The core area of ​​our body is not just about the abdominal muscles. Doing abdominal exercises will also work the back muscles (more specifically the lumbar) and pelvic floor (the set that supports the bladder, uterus, rectum, intestines and all the content that is in the lower part of the abdomen). Therefore, when we talk about abdominal exercises, we are referring to this entire region.


Benefits of doing abdominal exercises

An abdominal workout goes far beyond a six pack or a flat stomach. Strengthening this area will contribute to better balance, A stronger pelvic floor (and being able to hold in your pee), help in a better posture and enhance your workouts in the gym and sports practices, since the core is the foundation of where your strength lies.


Below, is a lists 5 of the top reasons to train your abs.

  1. Improved functional srength.


“With good functional strength, you will be able to easily perform everyday tasks with ease such as walking, bending over, climbing steps, squatting and carrying bags.


  1. Lower back pain reduction.


When the muscles of the core are strengthened your spine is protected and you are able to maintain good posture which further protects your spine. Weak abdominal muscles often lead to lower back pain or spinal injuries, so get your core strong to protect your back. 


  1. Reduction in the risk of urinary incontinence

By also strengthening the whole core which includes the pelvic region, abdominal exercises avoid problems like urinary incontinence. This is especially important if you have had a baby. The  whole core gets stretched for a long time and it takes work to get everything tight again. Being mindful of strengthening your core including your pelvic floor to minimize urinary incontinence.


  1. Improved athletic performance.


“All important movements originate from the center of the body outwards. With a strong core you will generate stronger with more speed and more power. If you are a performance athlete  this is especially important. 


  1. Decreased abdominal fat

It is true that you lose fat as a whole and not in a localized way, but studies have shown that by working out a specific area, you are increasing the blood flow and building on lean muscle tissue which over time build more tone and less fat. 


Just a reminder, that even if you are doing core work all day, you may have a super strong core, but this needs to be complimented with a healthy diet to see the tone and definition. 

A diet of protein-rich foods as well as good fats and good carbs  with loads of water will help to achieved that chiseled look.


Top core exercise:

The plank hold

The plank is a perfect start to your abs-building journey. With a stabilization position, this exercise can be adapted to something more difficult by raising one leg or one arm or easier  by going on the knees instead of the feet. 

This exercise is perfect for your lower back as well as your. It helps not only the lower back, but improves overall balance and stability.

Hold this for 20 seconds.